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Lola And Anna
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Having come a long way along the creative path in the last few years, I’m delighted that I now have a website to display examples of my art and which can be used as a reference for inspiration to potential clients.

Hailing originally from Bradford in Yorkshire, I spent a lot of my childhood interested in creating pieces of art; it was both a solace and a source of deep joy to me, but I abandoned it in favour of more traditional and academic subjects, meant to get me, in the words of my Yorkshire grandfather, a ‘proper job’.

I now live in Oxford with my husband and two children. Having read Law & Economics at Oxford Brookes University, I began working in the Finance Division of a company before moving into mortgage finance. I left the world of financial services in 2010 because, although it paid the bills, it was creatively quite stifling.

A few years back, I met a lady called Anna Knights, a superb botanical artist whose work is full of life and vibrant colour and has a very modern take on what is quite a traditional genre. When I met Anna at Art in Action, I asked her how she started in art. She said that she had just felt that this was something she could do, so she picked up a paintbrush and started to create her wonderful art (her original job being that of a civil servant!) With much soul-searching, the loving support of family and friends, and the inspiration of Anna's story and her work, I also decided to take up art again, knowing how happy it had made me as a child.

With the door on my creativity finally open wide again, I started to write and illustrate a children’s book, based on a dream of my, then six years old, son...please click ‘The Panama Hat Series’, for more information on this exciting project and how it very quickly became my lifelong passion.

Alongside my profession of working as an artist and illustrator, I am very excited to be using all of my experience, both personally and professionally, to creatively help others to achieve their goals and aspirations, by working as a Life and Executive Coach! Life Coaching is an adventure; there is perhaps nothing more inspiring to me and my art, than to see others achieve their goals, however big or small, and so it is a real joy and privilege, as a Life Coach, to play any part in this.

My art inspires my coaching, and my coaching inspires my art.

To finish, in the words of Markus Zusak:

“Maybe everyone can live beyond what they’re capable of.”

With love,


"The wedding painting was a rose and a thistle intertwined representing the coming together of a prickly Scotswoman and her lovely thorny Englishman! It was painted as a surprise and meant so much to both of us."

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