Shown below is a selection of some of the latest paintings which I have created, most of which were commissioned by clients. They show the range of mediums and styles within which I work and illustrate diverse subject matters. Each has their own little anecdote to explain their meaning and significance to the client.

Each painting indicates if they are for sale or not. NFS: 'Not for Sale'.

  • Cast Out

    Cast Out

    Painted for our church, Headington Baptist Church, to represent the ‘Exile’, as part of a series on the Old Testament.


  • Can of 'Oops'

    Can of 'Oops'

    A watercolour and ink painting for our friends, Ruth and Paul. We are all fans of the TV series ‘Life on Mars’ and particularly enjoy quoting the main character ‘Gene Hunt’, in this case Gene states “It’s 1973, it’s dinner-time, and I’m ‘avin’ ‘oops”.


  • Dancers - Onegin'

    Dancers - Onegin'

    Oil painting done for my husband, Phil, of a scene in the ballet ‘Onegin’.


  • Apples



  • Chicken Doorstop

    Chicken Doorstop

    A watercolour painting of our doorstop, which I painted for our good friend James. James often uses the doorstop as a means to wake my husband, Phil, from his premature snoozing habits, after a good glass or two of Rioja (our Friday night treat) We presented him with this painting on the occasion of his birthday – he loves it!


  • Box Of Children

    Box Of Children

    Watercolour painting of my nephew, Kai and our daughter, Sophia playing inside the age-old favourite – the cardboard box!


  • Sophie Rose - My First Shoes

    Sophie Rose - My First Shoes

    Painted as a thank you to a lovely couple, Annie and Alan, who lovingly child-minded our daughter Sophia while I was still working for a bank. This is their precious pet who sadly died years ago.


  • Rainy Day Shoes

    Rainy Day Shoes

    A rest after a lovely walk in Shotover, Oxford, for Mandy and Kai (Mummy and Son).


  • Lucys Wedding Shoes

    Lucys Wedding Shoes

    A pair of wedding shoes, on the morning of the Lucy and Andy's wedding, waiting to be worn for their most important of days.


  • White Lightning

    White Lightning

    Watercolour on paper: Painted in memory of a very old car of Mike's which had been passed to him by a friend at University. The 'White Lightning' although neither particularly 'white' or 'lightning' fast - holds a very dear place in the hearts of Mike and his friends. This car made it to various road trips around Europe, and even a few camping trips in bonny Scotland. She finally died in 2011 and was passed to the Fire Service. R.I.P White Lightning - the power - the legend.


  • Rose Thistle

    Rose Thistle

    Chalk pastel on paper: Mandy and Dave married in 2009. Mandy is from Scotland and Dave is from England; hence the respective national flowers of both of their countries, the thistle and the rose - intertwined on paper and given to them on their wedding day.


  • Charlie


    Painted as a thank you to a lovely couple, Annie and Alan, who lovingly child-minded our daughter Sophia while I was still working for a bank. This is their precious pet who sadly died years ago.


  • Sophia


  • Thomas


  • Jeff


  • Anna


  • Megan


  • Sienna



I design bespoke pieces of art, so each painting is individual to my clients with the subject matter and medium being chosen by them. Commissions can range from portraits to a likeness of the family home or street on which you live, from capturing the colours and shapes of a beautiful garden to the splendour of an Oxford vista, or treasure forever the memory of a favourite pet. I can paint from a photo or capture the moment from real life.

I work mainly in watercolour, oils and chalk pastels but I’m also happy to use another medium if it would benefit the effect and emotions of the painting you would like created. It’s an exciting process and I believe that clients should be involved every step of the way so that the finished piece of art is as they wished.

If you would like to commission a painting, please contact me to talk through your ideas. An initial free-of-charge consultation can take place over the phone, face-to-face or via email or skype. During this consultation you can put your ideas forward and I can then guide you with the design and presentation of the painting, paying particular attention to the materials to be used.

Commissioned paintings can be mounted and framed, and are all individually priced so please get in touch to discuss how we can create something together.

With love,


My First Shoes

My First Shoes

Capture and preserve the very special memory of your child’s first steps with one of my individually commissioned My First Shoes paintings.

As a Mum of two young children, I understand the surge of emotion and pride when seeing your treasured little one taking its first tentative steps. You’ll recognise the excitement of then going on to purchase their very first pair of shoes, so tiny and yet incredibly significant.

It was this moment that I wanted to be able to capture for proud parents, which was how the idea of My First Shoes came about. A painting of your child’s first pair of shoes, complete with creases and scuff-marks, all preserved for posterity – a lovely memory which you can then also share with family and friends. My First Shoes paintings can also be reproduced as cards.

I would normally try to paint the baby shoes in their actual size, making it even more personal to the child - and I usually paint them using watercolours on a creamy white background, giving both a use of vibrant colour, with a simple modern twist., to capture this special moment.

If you know someone who is having a baby, then a gift voucher for a My First Shoes painting could be a unique and welcome gift for new parents!

"The wedding painting was a rose and a thistle intertwined representing the coming together of a prickly Scotswoman and her lovely thorny Englishman! It was painted as a surprise and meant so much to both of us."

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